What is the usage agreement?

This use agreement, privacy of use, terms and conditions, and all policies published on (Deom) e-marketing website have been developed to protect and preserve the rights of both (Deom) and (users of the site). As a user, you agree to be bound by everything contained in this agreement in the event you use the site, access it, or register for the service.

User Agreement for the registration process


      1- This User Agreement, the privacy of the user, the terms and conditions, and all the policies that have been published on the (Deom) site are designed to protect and preserve the rights of both the (Deom) platform and its customer who wishes to benefit from the services, or the customer benefiting from the advertisements on the (Deom) site, with or without registration.
      2- The agreement was established based on electronic transaction systems.
      3- The terms, conditions, conditions and legal disputes are subject to the laws, legislation and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
      4- By using the (Deom) website, you agree to be bound by everything contained in this agreement, whether in the case of your use of the website, access to it, or in the case of registering for the service.
      5- (Deom) has the right to amend this agreement at any time, and it is binding on all parties after announcing the update on the site or in any other way.


      1- This User Agreement, the privacy of the user, the terms and conditions, and all the policies that have been published on the (Deom) site are designed.
      2- Deom website is an electronic platform that enables the user who has created an account for the electronic display to provide his services, display his applications to the users and deliver them to the target customer (the future of the application displayed on the platform) according to specific conditions and controls, for the purpose of selling them.
      3- In this agreement, (Slnee) is referred to as (Deom) e-marketing platform, (we), (us) or (Deom site), and here it represents the first party
      4- The user: is (the individual, institution, company, or entity) the creator of the electronic offer account, who accesses the site and benefits from its services directly or indirectly, and is referred to as the member or second party.
      5- The customer: is (the individual, institution, company, or entity) targeted by the user (the creator of the electronic offer account).
      6- The electronic offer account is the data that is created, saved or sent by the user (the creator of the electronic offer account) and is in the form of an application offer, service provision, service request, responses or private messages.

Terms of use:

As a second party to this agreement, by agreeing to use the services of this site, you must abide by the following:
      1- Do not advertise or download content or items that are inappropriate to the classifications available on the site and which are allowed to be sell.
      2- Do not breach or circumvent the laws, policies and regulations of the site or any rights of any third party.
      3- Do not copy the advertisement from the (Deom) website for e-marketing and republish it on other sites.
      4- Do not use any illegal means to access advertisements or other users data, or to violate the policy and rights of (Deom) e-marketing site.
      5- Not to access the content of the site or to collect information and data related to the (Deom) site or the site's customers, and to benefit from it in any way or re-publish it.
      6- Not to use our Services if you are not legally qualified to complete this Agreement. For example, that you are under 18 years of age or that you are restricted temporarily or permanently from the use of the site.
      7- Not to manipulate the prices of the displayed applications, whether in buying or selling, and damage to other users.
      8- Not to manipulate comments or votes on the displayed applications, whether positively or negatively, whether manually or automatically, whether by a real person, or through technical programming, and whether with the aim of achieving interest, harm, or otherwise.
      9- Not to publish advertisements or false comments, or inaccurate, misleading, or deceptive, or defamatory, or libelous.
      10- Not to be exposed to international policies, or sovereigns, or esteemed personalities, or any discussions that are not related to legitimate buying and selling in accordance with the controls of the (Deom) e-marketing website.
      11- Not to transfer your account, or your activity, to other sites, the time which is carrying a logo or website services.
      12- Not to infringe copyrights, trademarks, patents, advertising, databases, or other personal property rights, or intellectual property, whether for (Deom) e-marketing website, or any other local or international entity.
      13- Not to violate any internal regulations, or international, or international agreements, committed by the Kingdom.
      14- Not to gather information on users of the site for other commercial purposes or other.
      15- Not to do anything that would harm the reputation of (Deom) e-marketing website.
      16- Not to impersonate a site (sodium) for e-marketing, or one of its employees, or its representatives, or his advisers, or Marketers, or any other adjective suggestive of belonging, or consequential to him or the company's owner, unless you have an express official written authorization authorizing you to do so.
      17- The use of this service by any non-human user is prohibited, with the exception of non-human users of the following companies only: Google, Facebook, Twitter.
      18- Your failure to comply with these terms gives the (Deom) e-marketing website the full right to block your membership, and prevent you from accessing the site, without the need to notify you of this, and accordingly you undertake not to use the site unless the site agrees to that.

Responsibility of (Deom) e-marketing website:

      1- (Deom) for e-marketing offers the service of enabling the user to display his applications in accordance with the agreed usage policy and we do not provide any guarantees and we do not bear any responsibility in case the user does not comply with the policy of using the site and we are not responsible for any risk, damages, consequences or losses on the seller or The buyer or any other party, and the person who was harmed must inform us of this through a link to contact us and explain the damage inflicted on him, and (Deom) for e-marketing will take the action according to the type of incident without any responsibility.
      2- Your use of (Deom) means that you authorize us to save your data that you have entered into the company's servers, and we have the right to view and review it.
      3- By using the (Deom) website, you agree that we have the right to monitor your account on the site and the data and input it contains when needed, to ensure that it is free from violations of the usage agreement, and we have the right to delete the advertisement and dispose of the attached images when needed.
      4- Circulars, decisions, and directives of the site's management and supervisors are binding on the second party after notifying him of them in any way, and he must abide by them and act in accordance with them.

Membership conditions:

      1- Membership is: the user name that the person registered with on the (Dium) website, which is linked to his mobile phone number, and it must be subject to the following conditions:
      * It is necessary to choose a suitable and appropriate name during the registration process.
      * It is prohibited to use more than one membership on the site for each person or entity.
      * You must update your mobile number associated with the membership in case your mobile number is changed or lost.
      2- If your membership name contains a trade name, or trademark, you must be the owner of it, or officially authorized to use the name or trademark.
      3- It is prohibited to sell or assign membership to another party or allow any other party to use it, and the first member of the membership is responsible for any violations or legal responsibilities, and both parties will be considered in case of sale or assignment in violation of the usage policy on the (Deom) site.
      4- The member is obligated not to share his membership information with anyone.
      5- (Deom) is committed to taking the necessary standards for data protection and preservation, note that the Internet is not a secure way of 100% to save confidential information.
      6- The exchange of some information with your devices through which you access the site does not prejudice your privacy, because this is done for the purpose of providing the service to you.
      7- The site uses statistical programs such as Google Analytics in order to develop and improve the service.

Terms of adding content to the site:

      1- The user of (Deom) undertakes the following:
      * Not to advertise any prohibited application or service on the site.
      * Do not add any prohibited responses to the site.
      * Do not send any prohibited messages on the site.
      * Determine the value of the advertised application or service.
      * Follow up on your advertisement for the application or service and respond to customer inquiries through responses or through private messages.
      * Adhere to the site's advertising policy.
      * That the advertising material is specific to the application or service that you will provide.
      * The advertisement should be full of details and in the correct section.
      2- The site has the right to delete any advertisement without mentioning the reason for the deletion.
      3- It is prohibited to copy any advertisement from the site, for use on other sites.
      4- The advertiser is obligated that the images added in the advertisement be of the same advertised application or service.
      5- The advertiser is obligated that the content images of the advertisement be morally appropriate and of high quality and do not violate any of the laws of the Kingdom.
      6- The update and modification of the advertisement is subject to all conditions and controls in this agreement, and the user is considered responsible for any violations that occurred during the creation of the advertisement or after the update or modification.
      7- Creation, updating and modification is the responsibility of the user (creator of the electronic display account).

Security Policy for (Deom) E-Marketing Website:

      1- The (Deom) e-marketing platform and its website are committed to the usage agreement and user privacy, but we are not party to any dispute or issues that arise between users due to one or both of them violating the usage agreement.
      2- At (Deom) for e-marketing, we seek to enhance the security aspect of the site in order to limit and eliminate the violation of any of the terms of this agreement, the privacy policy, or the terms of use, in order to achieve the integrity of the offer, sale, and purchase, and to combat fraud, fraud, fraud, and deception. And follow the laws, legislation and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
      3- (Deom) e-marketing website has the right to take the necessary action against any individual, institution or company that violates the usage agreement, which may reach legal and judicial prosecution before the relevant authority.

Privacy Rules:

      1- The (Deom) e-marketing site never collects your personal data from your computer or from your mobile phone while you browse this site, but only the data provided by you will be used with your knowledge and of your own volition.
      2- The host server will record your Internet Protocol (IP) address, the date and time of your visit, the type of Internet browser you use and the URL of any website that refers you to this site on the network.
      3- (Deom) e-marketing is not responsible for any links related to other sites on the Internet included in advertisements by users of the site, or our site's work requires adding those links.
      4- You can view the privacy policies and contents of those websites that are accessed through any link within this website.
      5- (Deom) e-marketing website maintains, at all times, the privacy and confidentiality of all personal data obtained through your use of it.
      6- We will not disclose any information about you unless required to do so by any law or when we believe in good faith that such action will be required or desirable to comply with the law, or defend and protect the proprietary rights of this site or its beneficiaries.
      7- When the (Deom) website for e-marketing needs any data of your own, we will ask you to provide it of your own volition, as this information will help us in contacting you and implementing your requests wherever possible.
      8- The data provided by you will never be sold to any third party for the purpose of marketing it for its own benefit without your prior written consent, unless this is done on the basis that it is part of collective data used for statistical purposes and research, without including any data that may be used to identify you.
      9- When you connect to the (Deom) e-marketing website, all data provided by you will be treated on the basis that it is confidential.
      10- Forms that are submitted directly on the network require the provision of data that will help us improve our site
      11- The data provided by you will be used to respond to all your inquiries, comments, or requests by this site, or any of its affiliate sites.
      12- (Deom) e-marketing website reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the privacy policy and information privacy if necessary, and when appropriate.
      13- The amendments will be implemented here or on the main privacy policy page and you will be constantly notified of the data we have obtained, how we will use it and who will provide it with this data.
      14- You can contact us when needed by clicking on the Contact Us link available in our website links or sending to our e-mail.
      15- Finally, your concerns and concern about the confidentiality and privacy of data is an issue of great importance to us, and we hope that this will be achieved through this policy.