Deom is a software platform that enables you to buy the system that best suits the nature of your business in a short time and at competitive prices.

Safe and modern

Deom is a digital marketplace that provides the latest programs in record time. And with high ease. Deom offers many applications and activities necessary and assistance to most governmental and private institutions of various sizes and classifications.

The Deom platform allows users to select and manage products without the need for prior technical experience while maintaining cost effectiveness ... One-time payment .. Choose a plan that suits your needs .. Find the right products for the nature of your business and choose them ... Complete the purchase process. Deom provides continuous support and customer service around the clock to assist in the storage process, data migration, knowledge transfer, training and program development.

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The best technical solutions for perfect.

An integrated digital marketplace that contains secure software, access to institutional support, and full (Digitization) automation.

A cloud system that allows the platform to be available 24 hours a day without the need for any software assistance to access the platform.

Designed, maintained, and supported by expert specialized in all areas of technical practice.

Provide you with secure hosting services, process management, technical support, and software updates.

Maximize your productivity with DEOM

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Deom is designed to be easy to use with fast download and purchase processes through a secure network targeting all organizations of all sizes from all sectors, small and medium enterprises.

Our Features

Deom was designed to be easy to use, fast and easy downloads all while very providing a secure environment for all who access the platform from any sector or industry.

Most common Questions

You ask and we answer
Owning an account in DEOM is very easy, as this is done by pressing the login button, choosing the registration feature, and then filling in the necessary fields (email, name and password). And then receiving the verification email on your email, you become the owner of an account on the DEOM platform.
To become a seller on DEOM, you must register as a seller by clicking on the link for this service at the bottom of the main page in the footer.
Buying products from the DEOM platform is easy and smooth after creating your account. You choose the right product from the store, add it to the shopping cart, register the appropriate domain, choose the hosting package, and finally pay.
We have a dedicated team of consultants ready to provide assistance in the selection process according to your needs and business requirements.
According to the general laws of computing systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, hosting within the Kingdom is carried out at a cost subject to a package that you choose from several packages available during the purchase process with different prices for the hosting process you choose according to the package.
One of the services that Deum provides is the migration of the facility's data from the old systems to the new system within a specific pricing for the service.