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What is Deom?

Deom is a marketplace platform which contains a large number of Products and subsystems that are needed by the most companies and institutions of all sizes (large, small and medium), whether in the private or the government sector. The platform enables its users and customers to choose and manage the products they need without the need for prior technical expertise , without the need to pay the costs of licenses for the product (the number of users , the number of systems specific to the product and the costs of hosting).

You only need to pay once time, depending on the plan you choose, then you will get your system or subsystem with the full features and entire installation services. also we will provide you others significant services such as backup,data migration, training and development.

How Deom Works

Create, manage, and deliver your teams' container applications.


A set of software business applications intended for the local market


Available online 24 x 7 and you do not need to install software to access and benefit from it


Developed by teams specialized in applications, hosting, networks and information security


Pay for secure hosting services, operation, technical support, support, and ongoing updates

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